06 February 2010


This is me now .

Here are few pictures of me and my friends :)

Me and Intan at The Coffee Bean

Me and Azlin

Me and Intan

Me Azlin and Intan at Al-Majlis @ Arab Street

With MPs Kaki's

Me and Dr.Haslina

It's been a long time,I have not update my blog..I have been bz going for my radiotherapy everyday accept Saturday and Sunday for six weeks..Now I left with 3 weeks...Can't wait for this to end..I want to go back to work!!...Haizzsss~~ Staying at home with minimal work to do as I can't overwork on my arm,eat and eat and gets fatter hahahaah...Need to work out after all this treatments end,can't look at myself on the mirror..lol* I felt so much happier now as I got to meet lots of lots of old & new friends,in Facebook and NCC where I go for my therapy..Recently,I meet up with my friends for lunch and dinner..It was fun :))


  1. salam... seronk tengok your happy!

  2. Salam Umi_e...Alhamdullillah...How are you dear?