13 December 2009

Surgery Done...

On the 10th December 2009,I had Mastectomy Surgery done..Right simple mastectomy(removal the whole breast) and axillary clearance(removal of 9 lymph nodes under the armpit with 3 were effected by cancer)...Reached SGH hospital at 8am..Start operation at 11am and end at 3pm...After the surgery I woke up..Gosh!! felt my chest,arm and shoulder tightness,pain,numbness,nausea till vomiting..My mum stay over and look after me,the next day my daughter stay over and look after me...Thanks to my friends and relatives that came and visited me..Thanks for your well wishes and prayers...May god bless you all :))


  1. Alhamdulillah... pembedahan telah selamat dilakukan. Semoga kesihatan Kas akan lebih baik selepas ini.

    * Dari jauh doa kami terus mengiringi Kas *

  2. Thanks Umi...Harap satu hari nanti kita dapat bertemu ya....Waktu you datang Sg and want to meet up with me,ashik salah timing je..So next time k...Luv You!! :)