28 June 2009

The Day I'm In The Hospital Alone :(

14th day after the Chemotherapy :)

Last drip of Antibiotic..

Name tag attached with RFID (smartTAG)

Can't fine any more good vain to be plug...This
is the last place to be plug!!

My 1st Chemotherapy was postpone to 11th June...My first experience on the Chemotherapy Treatment was quite nervous but it went smoothly..My son Syafiq company me,I can see from his face that he was so worried about me...

Day by day,the side effect was super dupper strong sia....I felt nausea and vomiting,mouth ulcers,appetite lose,hair loss,stomach cramps...sign~~

On 24th June exactly 14th day after the chemotherapy,I had a high fever of 39 Celsius..Hubby sent me to A & E SGH at about 4am..I was immediately sent to Isolated room....After blood taking,x-ray and put on drips,I was told by the doctor that I had to be admitted..Reports shows my blood cells drop and got infection too...

I was on drips on Antibiotic,boost blood cell injection on my tummy,lots of lots of medicine to eat...Haizsss...The worst thing,I got to stay ALONE in a room without TV!!....So boringgggg!!!

On 27th June,I discharge from the Hospital,and now resting at home...Next Chemotherapy session will be on 30th June...Ya Allah when will this be end....

06 June 2009

Month Of June Was My Disturbing Month..

On the 1st of June,I went to Singapore General Hospital for check up...Doctor request urgent mammogram and ultra sound after she analysed my breast..I was told to come back to see the result on Friday...Wish me good luck!!!

2nd of June,Doctor called me and told me the result was out and the report shows very disturbing..She wants to see me and my hubby the next day instead on Friday...I was so worried..sigh~

3rd of June,Doctor told me I was Diagnose with Breast Cancer,Inflammatory Carcinoma Stage 3,I under gone Biopsy on that day itself..It was very painful..I cried the whole day thinking what will happen next to me,my family,ect...my mind was at lost...I quit my job on that day :(

5th of June,Doctor told me I have to go Chemotherapy for 4 cycle,3 weeks once and followed by once a week for 6 month to reduce the tumour and go for major operation..After the operation I have to go for Chemotherapy and Radiography..It takes abt 1O years to cure babe!!...I hope I can be strong to go through this entire treatments..Appointment for me to go National Cancer Ctr (Chemotherapy) is on 8th June and not only that, appointment for me to go Computed Tomography is on the 13th June...Oh God Please help me be strong,I have so much suffer in this life of mine..What I can do now is pray and pray and have faith (redha)in You (Allah) for what you have given me..I accept this as a test from you...InsyaAllah with my strength,will power and motivation from my family and friends around me,I manage to fight...Aminn..