17 April 2010


Hi Diary,I'ts been a long time I'v not update...Being very bz lately..I would like to share my video with regards on my breast cancer recovery.Please do share this video to all your friends and your loves one too..:))


13 March 2010

I got HIRED!! :))

Hi blogger!! I'v been busy lately..I got hired on 1st March 2010...

As a Client Service Coordinator/Admin Assistant with IJL-It's just lunch (Upscale Dating Agency)... I really have fun working with all the beautiful staffs ,Lady Boss & Boss around me..Their are helpful ,carering,loving & friendly towards me...

To all singles ladies and gentlemans out there,please feel free to check on my company's website at www.itjustlunchsingapore.com or www.itsjustlunchbangkok.com for more details..

18 February 2010

CNY Holiday...

It's been a long time I'v not update my blog..I had a great time during the CNY Holiday...I spent 2 days at @Costa Sand Resort Pasir Ris...Celebrating my nephew Ryan,my 2 nieces Lenda & Nur and my cucu Taufiq...First night was crazy...Eat,laugh and so much fun till morning...Here a video clip that I captured...Birthday Boy Ryan,dance on "Single ladies"...Nice moves dude!! Hahahaha

06 February 2010


This is me now .

Here are few pictures of me and my friends :)

Me and Intan at The Coffee Bean

Me and Azlin

Me and Intan

Me Azlin and Intan at Al-Majlis @ Arab Street

With MPs Kaki's

Me and Dr.Haslina

It's been a long time,I have not update my blog..I have been bz going for my radiotherapy everyday accept Saturday and Sunday for six weeks..Now I left with 3 weeks...Can't wait for this to end..I want to go back to work!!...Haizzsss~~ Staying at home with minimal work to do as I can't overwork on my arm,eat and eat and gets fatter hahahaah...Need to work out after all this treatments end,can't look at myself on the mirror..lol* I felt so much happier now as I got to meet lots of lots of old & new friends,in Facebook and NCC where I go for my therapy..Recently,I meet up with my friends for lunch and dinner..It was fun :))

13 December 2009

Surgery Done...

On the 10th December 2009,I had Mastectomy Surgery done..Right simple mastectomy(removal the whole breast) and axillary clearance(removal of 9 lymph nodes under the armpit with 3 were effected by cancer)...Reached SGH hospital at 8am..Start operation at 11am and end at 3pm...After the surgery I woke up..Gosh!! felt my chest,arm and shoulder tightness,pain,numbness,nausea till vomiting..My mum stay over and look after me,the next day my daughter stay over and look after me...Thanks to my friends and relatives that came and visited me..Thanks for your well wishes and prayers...May god bless you all :))

27 November 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!!

To all the Muslims around the world,I would like to wish you all Happy Ed-Mubarak/Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha...:)

26 November 2009

Very Dissapointed...

Hope you can do better next year....I was so disappointed with your results :'(
So baby,are you going to disappoint me next year??...Hmmmm..I just can only pray for you and you have to make it happen...