03 September 2009

I cried!! Duhhh!!!

Yesterday morning I went for my Chemotherapy treatment..Hubby sent me there,and about 3pm hubby went back to fetch the kids,because we decided to break fast at Joo Ciat Complex...

This time I was not company by any of my family members in the suite just me and the nurse....This time I was really In pain...I cried duhh!! First time during my Chemotherapy session!!Thank God, that no one in my family see me crying,because I really don't want them to worry about me...

Allhamdullillah!!...Its MIRACLE to see my daughter came to Morning Glory Suite to company me as she knew I was alone during the chemotherapy session ..The drugs was totally different this time I believe those drugs was so much stronger than before..Feeling so high,nausea and feels like to vomit!!..Although Doctor told me those drugs are not strong!!..hmm...maybe he thought that I can take it..Thanks a lot Doc For having so much confident in me...Lol...Finally I pulls through..Luckily my Princess and Hubby who came to find me in the suite did not see me in tears...Got to go Chemo once a week now...Sign~~ Whatever!!!...Now I'm back on FB and Blogging :))

Ya Allah apunilah dosa ku,wahai tuhan semesta alam..Kau telah memberi kekuatan dan ketabahan kepada ku,sehingga aku dapat menempuh segala ujian yg kau berikan kepada ku setakat ini..Ku pohan ringankanlah dugaan dan cobaan yg akan kau berikan kepada ku kelak..Aminn.. Aminn..Aminn Yarabbal Allammin..

Sinead O'Connor - This Is To Mother You


This video I dedicated Specially to all my lovely Children,M.Aidil,M.Rizuan,M.Syafiq,Nurulizzati And M.Danish...And not to forget to my beautiful,handsome,nieces,nephews and 'cucus'...Mama/Nenny Luv you so so much....Hugs and Kisses From your Hot Mama/Nenny... Muahhhszzz :))