23 October 2009

Just three of us..Trip to JKT...

My Seat...

Just the three of us...
@ The Sultan Hotel Lobby The entertainment @............ The entertainment is Here!! WhoooChooo!! The day we go crazy....*wink*SHOP!! SHOP!! SHOP!! Thanks everyone of you...Luv you all...Hugs~~ The 'Bajai' ride..Fun!! We had our body massage here @.... Sahid Jaya Hotel @ Angel's Lufthansa Office where she work... The day that we supposed to go back home..We can't make it home due to .... this!! Earthquake...Uwaaa~~ Read the tittle on the Newspaper.. Stay another day @ this Awesome Hotel..6 stars!! Feeling so tired after stranded at the air port.. The bed we sleep together...

My Fav 'Kocak2' Place @ Hotel Muliaand @ The Sultan Hotel
I'm bless to have a friends like you..May our friendship will last forever....

I have so much fun with 2 sistaz in JKT...Supposed to fly back on Friday night, but due to the earthquake we were stranded and couldn't fly back to Singapore :( ...We manage to go home the next day :) WhoooooChoooo!!

13 October 2009

I'v Won!!! WhoooChoooo!!!

Khairudin Samsudin October 13 at 11:10am
CONGRATS!! You've just won yourself a $60 voucher from Sakura International Buffet for your participation in the JK FB Quiz. Please give us your full name, address & contact number.

Kasbiayati Kareem October 13 at 11:14am
Alhamdullillah!! Thank you eh :)ok ok My name: Kasbiayati Bte Abdul KareemAddress: ******** Contact No:**********

Khairudin Samsudin October 13 at 11:14am
Will mail the vouchers to u k.Thanks

Kasbiayati Kareem October 13 at 12:26pm
Noted With thanks :)

Can't wait for tomorrow...

Going Jkt tomorrow with 2 beloved Sistaz....Will be back on Friday night...Oh Gosh!!...Packing not done yet!!...This time, no shopping just temankan CtZ,first time dia naik flight and CtS go for business trip,so CtZ n I tompang lah bilik CtS...Naik Lufthansa Buisness Class Seat!!....WhoooChooo!!.... Last but not lease...Wish 3 of us safe trip ya...Will upload photos when I come back...Byeeeee!!!


Bermimpi bernikah kali ke 2!!!!...Ni kali nak nikah pakai tudung,tapi takda brooches,than cari kat kedai saw my late sister with another woman..I cry n hug her,I ask her where was she all this while?..She told me she was offended by my words when she overheard me talking to my mum...I was so sorry..I really don't remember & what I remember I never ill mouth abt my beloved late Sis to anyone :(...Al-Fateha to Noraini Abdul Karim..

01 October 2009

Hari Raya Pictures with the loves one...:)

Family pictures...Both step sons not in the picture :(
My Happy Family..
Mum,Dad & My Lovely Sister Kasmiyati Family...Luv You all so much!!
At My Beloved Uncle House Cik Mamat..
The towel incident =)) + :(..Kwang...kwang...kwang

With My Beloved Family...Luv you all!!
Bonda,Abah,Sarah Family & Dinz Family..

We are Sisters...Kasmiyati,Erni Suriyana,Me & Kak Kasmah

The Sistas!! Erni Suriyana,Me & Erni Suriyani
p/s: Ignore the date...Was not adjusted ..
With my elder Sister In law & Family
The Nieces & Nephews
With the 'Biras' & In laws..
The Big Family
With few of my nieces,nephews & 'cucus'(Grand children)
At Kak Ana house....Kak Ana,Hidayah her daughter,Me & my daughter Nunu..

The day I went Chemo With My Sayang~~

Me & Siti Zanariah~~Truely friend :)

Now My Chemotherapy will be once a week...I'm getting Phobia with all the injections...Haizzsss~~ Wednesday will be my wetnessday for me...The side effect became much worst than before..This time,while on going the treatment,after the first injection I 'shut down' for few hrs,sadar2 dah nak habis...Before the shut down,I felt nausea,cold,uncomfortable and giddy ....It's so damn terrible...Yesterday my secondary schoolmate Siti Zanariah company me...So nice of her..Although I told her the Chemo session took the whole day @ the suite,she still insist of company me...We had a great time together,we laugh and cried together...The treatment went smoothly,not so much pain,maybe Siti was there,her presents make me tenang and happy..I was bless to have a friend like her,she was so concern,caring towards me..May Allah repay her kindness...Luv you Siti..Hope Our Friendship will never end...Amiin

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Salam semua...Sempena bulan Shawal ini,Kas ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk meminta maaf zahir dan batin kepada teman2,sanak saudara dan keluarga...Sekiranaya Kas ada terkasar bahasa sengaja atau dengan tak sengaja,Kas menyusun sepuluh jari memohon ampun dan maaf...Mungkin InsyaAllah kita akan bersua di shawal tahun hadapan...Amiin :)