22 March 2009

My handsome step sons..

Syafiq n Aidil,they are Blood Brothers!!

At last i manage to get both my steps sons photo..From the left: M.Aidil Herman(23) n M.Rizuan Herman(21)....This picture was taken at Mummy Rena's House.

This picture was taken during Syafiq's Birthday..Aidil & Me...Handsome kan?...hahahhha

Celebrate Syafiq's B'day @ Aloha Loyang Resorts Pasir ris.

We have so much fun celebrating my son's b'day..His b'day falls on Friday the thirteen,but we decided to celebrate on the 16th(monday)..We stayed at Aloha loyang resorts bungalow.The bungalow was damn BIG!!....4bedrooms ,kitchen,dining room,balcony,bbq pit area,garage ect..4 family stayed at the Bungalow....Daing's family,Nur Bella's family,Yana's aka Aliah(Wak Burn)family n my family....Thanks to Kak Midah who prepared the foods from the first day till the end
of our stayed there...I would like to thanks to all
my in-laws,nieces,nephews,grandchildren,Syafiq's friends n Aidil's friends,my sister Kak Miah's family,my mum n dad for coming n all the presents... Thank You So Much for making that day so happening...Photos will be at my FB..happy viewing!!

14 March 2009

My Achievement.(Sharp Shooter)

The B Division Girls came in 4th and the C Division Girls came in 3rd.
Individual Events
-Kasbiayati Abd
Kareem Sec.3A-
National Champion
Photo of Kasbiayati 'B' Division Girls! Photo of Shirley
-Shirley Hong Lan-
lan 'C' Division Girls
-National 3rd

Kasbiayati Abd Kareem of Sec 3C became the National Champion for B Girls Individual.
Hong Lanlan of Sec 2F came in 3rd for C Division Girls.
Colour Awards
Kasbiayati Abd Kareem(Sec 3C),Yam Mern Wen(Sec 3D) and Huang Lingwen (Sec
4D), were given the Colour Awards by the Singapore School Sports Council for North

I was once a Sharp Shooter in my sch..Thanks to Kak Noraini Pani for tagging this

article in my face book..I myself did not hv it as this article were in our A.I.S.S school yearly

book..I've also lost one article in newspaper about my achievement in Air Rifle due to miss

place during shifting to my new house..So sad..Don't play2

I've GOT LICENCE TO KILL...Hahahahah...just kidding.

04 March 2009

My Lunch Today...

Today i had Spiced Fish Baked Pasta n Banana Dessert Pizza for lunch...usually me,Suria n Jeaneve would go out and 'tapau' back our lunch...today we the Charlie Angles so lazy to go out..we decided to order our food by Pastamania Delivery Service....sooooooooooooo sedappppppp........

SuRprisE GiFt FoR My PrinCess NuNu...

Me n Rena going to Jakarta again next month.This time i'm bringing my princess along...actually this was last minute plan..you know lah Rena,she rajin reki reki kat net searching for flight ticket promotions..since the offer is so tempting,Rena decided to bring Nunu along coz she don't want Nunu to cry again..Nunu cried coz she missed me so much when i went to Jakarta the other time...During the trip last month,we do shop, but i'm not satisfied with what i had bought during my trip there and want to shop more, more & more this time. I would like to go again to:
* Mangga Dua (Shopping)

* Tanah Abang/Tnabang(Shopping)

* Senayang City(Shopping,Eat,Reflexology)

Hubby's Birthday This weekend...

Isshhkkkkk!! Migraine arr fikirkan nak beli apa for my hubby...any idea?