19 May 2009

Finally GOD answered my prayer....:)

Shukor Alhamdullillah...Finally I passed the interview!!...I got hired!!..I will be starting work @ Steak House (Clarke Quay)..After 2 month jobless I received a called saying that I was hired and start work on Wednesday!!....:)

16 May 2009

HaPPiesT Day!!

Today is my happiest day...Out of the blue my hubby bought me a digital camera!!....For what reason?..I never ask,I assume it's for my belated birthday present ..hahahahh..Digital camera is what I longing for!!...Thanks Hubby,this time you did the right thing for your wife!!...kwang..kwang...kwang

11 May 2009

WelLCoMe BacK To SIngApoRE!!

I'm back!!! miss family so much!!...This time I really enjoy the trip..We were welcome by our buddy Deeden a.k.a local tourist guide and Henry Lim manager of Lodge121 at Serawak Airport..I was so happy to experience the 'home-away-from-home' ambience at Hostel Lodge121.The place was superb clean,cosy,comfortable and safe place to stay...The staffs are so helpful...Thanks to Deeden ,Ruby,Henry Lim(manager/owner of Lodge121 and all the staff for the hospitality...Keep it up guys!!...(Photos on my Facebook)

While I was there I experience all the crazy things that I never done before..Such as tried the cringe-inducing snacks like SAGO WORMS!! and taking pictures of real human skull in the Museum which was not allowed anyone to take photos or record videos in the Museum...Love being wild!! ...hahhahahhah(Photos on my facebook)

I got a big surprised upon reaching home,everyone in my family including my in laws waiting for my arrival to celebrate belated Mothers Day...Off we go to C2K to have dinner...(Photos on my Facebook)

08 May 2009

Next TRip To KuChinG SeRAwAk!!

I'm getting ready to leave Singapore to Kuching Serawak...This time Me and Mummy Renaz..we will spent 4 days there,and miss Mothers Day celebration with our family....Thanks to my son Danish for the greeting card that he made for me,he got the initiative to give me the card in advance as he knew that I won't be around on Mothers Day..Bye for now,will write soon...CHOW!!