30 August 2009

Love My New Hair style....:)

Love My New Hair Style...Soooo Coollllll!!!
Me And Intan... Hugs~~~

Frankie & Me..Nice Meeting You...Hugs~~

Yesterday night before I meet with my ex-sch mates Intan and Frankie,My hubby did his best job to scrap my hair off with my beloved clipper..Hahahhah...I look like G.I Jane but more appropriate Sineard O'Connor!!...Gosh..poor kiddos seeing me unbelievable...After seeing me happy with my new look,they starts making fun of me...Lol...My Princess,she's in shocked and sad..Don't worry baby,Mama ok with it and I'm Happy... :)

Today my Gurl keep stroking,touching and caressing my bald head instead of her fav bear while she was on the bed with me..'Best arr pegang2 kepala mama'....About 10 mins later I felt her fingers stop playing with my head..When I look at her,she was fast asleep...Lol..

17 August 2009

Happy Birthday Dad :)

Ohhh Gosh!! How could I forget my Dad's birthday?!! :( Is it b'coz my short memory that I was suffering now...May Allah forgive me.....But we did celebrate his advance birthday,the day dad,mum and hubby sent me to SGH for check up right??...We went to Pariaman to have our lunch at Busorah street than in the afternoon we went to eat Chapathi where we meet with Suhaimi Yusof and Wife...:)

10 August 2009

National Day Public Holiday Outing...

The day after National Day,it was a public holiday..Since we did not get to see the fireworks that we have planned the day before,we decided to make my hubby repay his faults for making the whole family disappointed with him....hahahaha

We went to Vivocity,window shopping,eat ice-cream at Ben & Jerry's and Mac Donald's....We had a great time together...

04 August 2009

Quality Time with my Gurl...:)

I have not sleep since yesterday,maybe of the steroid that made me alert for this past few days...Sigh~~

Since I have nothing to do I might as well upload few photos for you all to see..This photos was taken after my Chemotherapy session at National Cancer Centre on 21st.June.2009..While we waiting for hubby to fetch us,me and Nunu my daughter took pictures together.Although I was not feeling quite well after the Chemotherapy treatment,but I manage to take crazy pictures of us..Happy viewing :))
Ok,I'm feeling sleepy now...See you later byeeeeeeeeeee!!zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~~~