23 November 2009

Special Gift...

Today at 9.30am..Mr Lim came to my place to install Water Ionizer....This was given free by my ex boss Jean Lee and her friend Sarah Ng...Sarah is one of the distributor of this product...She was so nice and caring towards me...At abt 1hr later Jean Lee,Sarah Ng and Meena came to my place to check on the machine and teaches me how to use the machine...This Water Ionizer produced Alkaline Water...Go to http://www.watersource.com.sg/ for more information..

I was blessed to have such a kind boss like Jean Lee...Who shared my problems with her good friend Sarah Ng...Sarah Ng was so sincere to help me by giving the Water Ionizer (The first of it's kind in the world)which cost about $2K++ which I can't afford to buy...To both lovely ladies,thanks for bringing longevity village water to my home....Only God will repay your kindness and may God bless you...Hugs~~

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