22 July 2009


God has been so good to me lately,I think he loves me more and more each day..He's been granted all my wishes day by day..I always wish that I could see those people that I missed most and those people that I still loved ,before I closed my eyes...It started from Last two weeks,where I bump into my old flame...I was stunt at first (He was so called my first love lah),we were looking at each other and we were saying the same thing at the same time.."err..err...ehhh...hiiiiiii...!!!"....Old memory starts flashing in my mind..But thanks God,I manage myself to keep cool and steady..sigh~~ ...We chat for awhile...My Hubby spot me.."Hmmmmm..merah muka" My reply:Pehhh~~ "Mana ada.." It means 'Hmmmm..your face radiant" My reply:Haizsss~~"Where got"..Nice to know his doing well in life with his beloved family..Wish all the best to him!!


The next day,another old flame add me on my Facebook...His my guy during my sec sch time (cinta monyet heheheh),he was in different Sch but we were in the same religious knowledge class in my Sch..Nice to know his doing well in life with his beloved family..Wish all the best to him!!


The following day,another old flame..He was my classmate during my Sec Sch time(Puppy love hahahha),also add me on my Facebook..His doing well in life and with his beloved family too..wish all the best to him!!


The following day,while I was viewing one of my friends of friends photos in Facebook,I was so shocked to see my long lost niece from my late Sister Noraini..I was crying non stop trying to figure out how to get in touch with her again as her FB account was deactivate...I really missed her and her siblings..Luckily there was a photo of her with her BF which he is a FBian..I add him to my friend list request..I couldn't sleep at all and keep praying that he will accept my friend request or give me a call either from him or my niece..It was Friday abt 4+am 17.07.09 the same date I was to attend the A.I.SS reunion party in the evening...I have mix feeling abt this,firstly I was so happy to see her in the facebook and I was so proud of her,as she was the eldest sister with 2 others siblings and dad to look after without her mummy around them,she manage to do well in her studies and secondly I do feel sad...I was not around to help them when they are in difficulties or in needs and I should be with her during her convocation day!!..I felt so bad..uwaaaa!!!Thanks for her BF for company her...I hope she and her friends ,which I save the picture that belongs to her friend, don't mind I published their pic in my blog >>Jgn marah ya ...Sorry babies,I really love all my nieces and nephew and Busu really proud of you and missed you a lot!! :(

She's Gorgeous!!
She's one of my Favorite Niece that I missed so much..
Hope to hear from her soon...

I wish I'll be there by your side :(
I'm very proud of you baby...


On 19.07.09...My god parents Abah & Bonda Family came to visit me..Thanks Sahrah for coming to my place with all the people that I missed and loves most...May God bless you all :)

Abah & Bonda Family...Luv you all!!


You won't believe this and I myself couldn't believe it..After about 1hr Sahrah and her family left my house..I receive a call from my niece!!! I've been waiting for her to call me,we were crying on the phone,we wanted to see each other badly,maybe one of this days they will come and visit me..she got my number through her BF!! remember,!!I had leave my number at his FB personal msg ..Thanks dude for helping me to get in touch wif her..Looking forward to meet you all!!! I'm so very very happy...:))



  1. alhamdulillah... you meet all those that you love and love to see :)

    * may one day we can meet too :) Insyaallah...