17 July 2009

A.I.S.S Reunion Dinner...

Nice meeting all of you!! When will be the next gathering da?
From left:The President(Sahrah) And Thanks Aidawati for the
Brownies and The mini bouquet flowers.

Me and Nazri,May Allah bless you Bro :)

Me and Rairany...Gd Friends :)


Me and Azman...My Lucky Friend!! I got hired!!..:)

Me and The President Sahrah....Luv you Sista!!

Mini Bouquet flower from Aidawati..So lovely
Thanks Sis..Luv you Sis!!

She was really concern towards me on that day..Thanks Siti..Luv you so much!!

Friends forever!!

From Left Sitting:Nazri,Baini,Siti Hanum,Intan,zuraidah,Siti Sahrah,Me,
Siti Zanariah,Noraini,Zariah..
From Left Standing:Unknown(Nazri's friend),Rairany,Aidawati,Azman,Mail,Iskandar,Asri.
All of you will be always in my heart and
I will keep each of you in my prayers too..Luv Kas :)
The buffet is so great..But I don't eat much coz Japanese food n I can't eat raw food..(sabar je lah) it dosen't matter at all to me, FRIENDSHIP makes me full..Hahahahha
Me & My flower..Nice eh?

My Buddy Iskandar since school till 2008..Lost contact due to me bz with
my work commitment and he bz looking for his new future wife..Hahahahah
Bro,Congrats!! Wish all the best with your family... :)
Sis Baini,she's the funniest among us!! Luv you Sis!!

The youngest A.I.S.San Nadirah who attend the dinner..
She's Aidawati's daughter...Nice to see you gurl :)
Crazy moments part 1
Crazy moments Part 2
Brownies that Aidawati made for us...
From Left Front: Baini,Me,Siti Zanariah,Siti Zanariah lil sister I guess,Zariah,Mariani.
From Left Behind: Suzanna,Siti Sahrah,Baini's lil sister..

17.07.09,The day that will be remain forever in my heart..For almost so many years I did not meet up with my old school mate and my old class mates...Sakura International buffet restaurant was the meet up place..We don't eat much becozs we were so excited to see each other...Do you know what?..That was my first day going out to a crowded place and meet up with whole bunch of loving friends since I was diagnose with my sickness..Although I'm actually not quite well,but I made myself to be strong and pretty (wear make up lahh..cover up my pale look) and Alhamdullillah after I got to see my friends I felt so much better..Really enjoyed the reunion...The girls are so crazy like we use to be...We don't really eat much..We just chat,laugh and having fun as tho we own the restaurant hahahahah..The guys was cool,maintain gentleman... hahaahh..Thanks Friends for your well wishes..Hope to get together again soon.. Hugs n kisses from me....Muahhzss!!Thanks Sahrah and Aidawati to organize and make it happening..Looking forward for the next gathering :)

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